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Melanie Dulbecco

Chief Executive Officer, Torani/R. Torre & Company

"Our session with Leslie Salmon-Zhu and her team...Never before had meeting content been captured so well, so vividly, and in a way that inspired greater discussion and ideas."

Danielle Muñoz-Channel 

Director, Basic Needs - CalWORKs Program

"Leslie was our graphic recorder for the California Higher Education Basic Needs Alliance (CHEBNA) 2024 Summit. She came highly recommended. Leslie was quick to respond, provided clear information about her services, and made herself available to us so that we could offer our attendees a great experience. We really appreciated how attentive and communicative she was in preparing for the summit. On the actual days of the summit, Leslie absolutely added to the exceptional experience of the conference! Her attention to detail was superb, capturing the messages and essence of our plenary speakers and it really shone through her artwork. Dozens of conference attendees stood in reflective awe at her work, we had so many compliments and great feedback about the experience of having Leslie there to capture the spirit of the summit through art. The drawings were colorful, intentional, reflective of the spirit of the conference, and a beautiful journey of what the conference attendees had experienced in person. Leslie's artwork allowed us to continue reflecting on the messages and experience of the conference and she was also such a delight to work with along the entire journey from start to end. Our conference could not be what it was without her incredible talent and magic!"

Andrea Saveri

Education Futurist,  Saveri Consulting

"Leslie adds important value to any meeting or group process she is involved with and helps her clients exceed their meeting goals through her services. She is my very first call when I get a new client engagement. Her vast experience with meetings and collaborative sessions is a wealth of support, before, during, and after my events. She shares useful insights that improve my agenda design process for productive collaboration and inclusiveness.
Leslie's live graphic recording sparks participants to generate ideas and create new knowledge. The clients see their dialogue being recorded and organized and immediately gain deeper understanding/find patterns from the murals she creates. Post-workshop scans of her amazing charts including breakout group work become a very useful document for clients to share their meeting widely, inviting further reflection, insight and actions."

Albert Chung

Chief Strategic Initiatives & Corporate Secretary, Blue Meridian Partners & The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation

"Leslie is truly skilled in capturing the essence of a meeting -- translating complex ideas and thinking into a compelling, stand-alone graphic recording that is not only accessible, but fun and engaging!  Working with Leslie was a pleasure - she is completely client-centric and would highly recommend."

Rachel Teagle 

Founding Director, Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art, UC Davis

"Leslie's professional graphic recording services at our recent event was very successful and her unique style set a tone of openness and possibility. People often come to convenings with a sense of disbelief that anything valuable might come of them, that change is not possible, or worried that their freewheeling thoughts will be impeded. Instead, Leslie's graphic recording started our meeting with 14 foot long blank murals, beautifully titled and with  some familiar visual icons. Her open "canvases" invited everyone's live comments to fill the pages as the meeting progressed. This set the tone of openness that our leadership was ready to focus on their ideas as captured through Leslie's colorful and poignant live artwork. 


Graphic Recording made it possible for us to truly think together. Leslie's iterative approach and happiness to white-out any changes voiced, helped everyone in the room understand that there was no such thing as "bad ideas". Leslie has an incredible ability to give all voices equal weight, making everyone in the room truly become co-creators."

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